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Starter VPSPro VPSAdvanced VPS
Price $10.00/month$20.00/month$40.00/month
Annual payment $120.00$240.00$480.00
Traffic allotment (per month) 2 TB4 TB8 TB
Bandwidth (port speed) 50 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s
CPU 50%100%100%
Disk Space 25 GB50 GB100 GB
IP address 111
Pre-installed OS Debian 4.0 EtchDebian 4.0 EtchDebian 4.0 Etch
Supported OS Debian 4.0 Etch, CentOSDebian 4.0 Etch, CentOSDebian 4.0 Etch, CentOS
Custom partitioning
Change OS (UNIX type, GRUB bootloader)
Change boot partition
Full root access
Webmin control panel
Server monitoring & stats
additional Bandwidth
additional RAM
additional HDD
additional IP address